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Search for Cheap Bus Tickets:

Oct 31

With Wanderu, finding a cheap bus ticket means checking out all the different carriers that stop at your destination instead of just one.  In most cases, you can find a better deal from an alternative page or service provider if you're willing to do some extra research and planning.  Wanderu is great for those who don't mind looking around a bit more and want to know where they can go at what time with which company.

Best Way to use Wanderu:

Search Wanderu's map-based route search engine by typing in your origin and final destination, along with a time range for travel.  Wanderu will look up all possible routes within this time window, bring back the ones you can travel on at your preferred price range, and display them on a map.  Wanderu will also show future time ranges, so you don't miss out if the date you're traveling changes.

Booking tickets online:

You can book your tickets directly through Wanderu, or you can use the Wanderu app to check out multiple bus company websites at once and see if it's cheaper than what you found on Wanderu. Any time you find a better price, don't forget to book it directly through the carrier.  If you purchase your ticket through Wanderu, they'll track down the lowest possible fare for that particular route and give you an automatic refund if another customer books lower within 24 hours.

Is it safe to travel by bus right now?

Buses have been getting a bad rap lately.  Indeed, bus accidents happen more frequently than with airlines. However, buses are still a safe way to travel and the most eco-friendly form of transportation available for personal use.

Wanderu can help you find a cheap ticket whether you're traveling by bus or another type of carrier.  The only thing you'll need to provide is a little bit of patience because you'll have to do some extra research before booking your tickets.

What is an intercity bus?

An intercity bus is a larger, long-distance version of the school bus.  The intercity bus system connects larger cities to more rural areas in a region similar to a train or subway system.

Are there discounts or coupon codes for bus tickets?

You can use Wanderu coupon codes to find the cheapest bus ticket. If you purchase through Wanderu, they'll track down the lowest possible fare for that route and give you an automatic refund if another customer books lower within 24 hours.  Wanderu doesn't offer any coupons or discount codes, though, so it's up to you to watch for sales and take advantage of any discounts that may come your Way.

CouponApprove is a website that lists some of the best coupons, deals, and discounts from top online retailers. I recommend you visit CouponApprove to find the Wanderu coupon for bus tickets.

Why take the bus instead of flying or driving?

Buses are an excellent option for those on a budget because the prices vary depending on how many people want to reserve seats in advance.  So more people taking the bus means cheaper tickets for everyone.

If you're not strapped for time and willing to look around for cheap fares, Wanderu is the best place to get started looking around.  Otherwise, if you're pressed for time or are just not interested in looking around, book your ticket through Wanderu.

How much does a bus ticket cost?

Bus fare prices vary depending on what company you choose to travel with, the size of your party, how far ahead of time you book, and which day you're traveling.  But it's safe to say that most bus fares are significantly cheaper than plane tickets.

What are the benefits of taking the bus instead of flying?

When you choose to travel by bus, even if it's long-distance, you'll have access to a restroom on board, free Wi-Fi for most carriers, and most buses have outlets so you can charge your electronic devices.  There are also fewer security concerns when traveling by bus since there's no baggage check required unless you use an airport transfer service.