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How Often Does Aircon Need Servicing

Nov 25

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Aircon servicing in Singapore is important especially for domestic aircon users. Most people are unaware of this little known fact even when doing regular aircon servicing for themselves. In fact, some people think that their domestic or office aircon will continue to function normally without having to replace their air filters at least once in a month. This is one misconception that needs to be corrected if you want your aircon to continue working effectively. Knowing the right time to have your aircon serviced in Singapore will help you make better decisions regarding maintenance.

Research For Company For your Aircon Servicing

The first step when you decide to have your aircon servicing in singapore is to find a trustworthy and experienced technicians. You can find several local technicians by doing a simple search on the internet. By researching on the internet, you can also find out about the different companies offering air conditioning servicing in singapore. These companies generally have an online presence so you can easily choose the company that best suits your specific needs.

After doing your research, the next step is to schedule your aircon servicing in singapore. There are several factors that you need to consider when scheduling your service. For example, it is important to know how often the air conditioning filters should be replaced. In most cases, air conditioning professionals suggest that air conditioning clients be serviced on a regular basis. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this suggestion then you should find out what your air conditioner manufacturer recommends.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is also important to know when you should have your air conditioning maintenance done. Some professionals suggest that servicing should be done once a year while others suggest that it should be done at least every two months. Based on your personal situation, you should determine how often the maintenance services for your aircon should be done. Once you have determined this, the next thing you need to do is find a qualified air conditioning professional in Singapore that offers servicing services.

Air con cleaning and maintenance services are often required by many industries across the country. An industry that often requires conditioning servicing is the entertainment industry. Many movie theatres, theme parks and concert halls require that their air conditioning units are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. It is important for these facilities to ensure that the evaporator coils are clean and free of debris so that the air conditioning unit functions properly.

Process of Aircon Servicing

A professional air conditioning service provider in Singapore will ensure that your system is serviced using the proper cleaning techniques and that your coils are free from any build up of dust, debris and dirt. In most cases, a professional service provider that provide aircon chemical wash will use a special chemical cleaning solution as part of the cleaning process. This chemical cleaning solution will remove any wax, mineral deposits, dirt and debris that might accumulate on your evaporator coil. The service provider will then thoroughly test the chemical cleaning solution on a hidden spot in the unit and make any other recommendations.

Industry That May Require Aircon Servicing

Another industry that often requires air conditioning servicing and repair is the construction industry in Singapore. If your construction project requires an air conditioning installation, it is very important to make sure that the installation is done properly by a competent air conditioning professional. Even if the construction project is finished and the air conditioning installation is completed, some damage might still occur and if your professional service provider in Singapore cannot repair the damage, they may recommend that the construction company carry out the repairs themselves. As well, some construction companies in Singapore may offer repair vouchers that you can use to cover the cost of repair.


In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why aircon servicing companies in Singapore are needed. In most cases, when an air conditioner needs to be repaired, it will need the services of an air conditioning company in Singapore. Whether the repair needs to be minor or major, air conditioners in Singapore should always be maintained by qualified professionals to avoid expensive mistakes. A qualified air conditioning installation company in Singapore can ensure that your air conditioners are functioning at full capacity.

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