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HVAC Preventative Management: How to Reduce HVAC Maintenance Costs

Nov 26

HVAC Preventative Management: How to Reduce HVAC Maintenance Costs


HVAC systems are vital throughout the year. They keep us comfortable in winter and cool during summer. These systems can become very stressed over time and eventually, they may fail. To prevent this, routine HVAC maintenance should be performed.


A total replacement of the air conditioner could also be costly, on top of HVAC system maintenance. For HVAC repair costs to be avoided, it is crucial that you follow these simple guidelines. HVAC maintenance costs will go down if you act quickly to fix the problem.


What makes HVAC Maintenance so important?


Like a car's maintenance, and HVAC Repair Marietta must be properly maintained to ensure its longevity. A well-functioning HVAC system will keep your house cool or warm for many more years. HVAC maintenance is required to maintain this durability.


Let's now look at the six most important steps you should take to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.


1. Make sure your condenser/heat pump is clean.


Outdoor heat pumps or air conditioners can collect dust, which can make them work harder to provide warm or cold air in your home.


A condenser and heat pump can be cleaned to reduce internal component damage. You must make sure that your outside air-conditioning pumps or units are free from debris at the top and sides.


2. Examine the Filter


The most common reason to maintain an air conditioner is a dirty or clogged filter. One of the easiest ways to increase your air conditioner's effectiveness and lower heating bills is to change the filter.


You should check your filter at least once a month to ensure it's not blocked or dirty. If this happens, it's a good idea for you to give your filter an easy wash and then dry it. A filter should be changed every three months. Filter that appears filthier should be replaced as soon as possible, especially if there are dogs in your household.


3. On a regular basis or annually, Professional Check-Ups


An HVAC expert will inspect your HVAC system on-site and ensure it's operating at maximum efficiency. A checkup is an inspection that includes an HVAC expert performing an on-site visit. Depending upon the technician, the inspection may include any one of the following.


4. Make sure that drain lines are clean


An air conditioner is capable of cooling the air as well as removing moisture. This moisture collects in the air conditioner's drainage lines and is then routed outside. Over time, dirt and dust can build up in drain lines and make them clogged.


Cleaning the drain line on a regular schedule is a smart idea. The drain line can be cleaned by removing the cover from the air conditioner. You can also wash it with water & vinegar to get rid of any mold.


5. Maintaining the Outdoor Unit


The outdoor unit is always exposed to weather, dirt, and other environmental elements. In addition, the exhaust air might not be adequately evacuated if it is covered by vegetation or other growth over time. Sometimes, branches or leaves can grow inside the outdoor unit to impede the fan's ability.


6. Get a smarter air conditioner controller.


If your HVAC system is smart, you will have additional tools that can assist in preventive maintenance. Smart AC controllers or smart AC conditioners, for instance, can be used to track your usage and get notifications if your AC needs to be clean.


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