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Tips On Buying Aircon In Singapore

Dec 7

Aircon Servicing Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore

Singapore has a huge and developing air conditioning unit industry because more and more homeowners desire comfort, safety, and cost-effectiveness when it comes to cooling equipment. It's critical to have an excellent Air Con wherever you are in Singapore. Whether it's your house or business, having one so that you can cool down from the hot weather is essential.

Airmaxx Aircon offers aircon servicing and repair for all sorts of air conditioners. We also provide an aircon chemical wash service to ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly. All components, such as coils, compressors, valves, and other parts are examined so you can be certain everything is in good working order.

Why You Need an Aircon Servicing in Singapore

If you live in Singapore, it is a good idea to invest in an air conditioning unit since Singapore's weather can become quite hot at times, necessitating the adjustment of the temperature inside your home.

The price of an air conditioner in Singapore isn't that high when compared to other countries, making it a good investment, particularly if you're concerned about humid conditions causing respiratory problems.

The advantages of utilizing an air conditioner in Singapore over other technologies that can't control interior temperatures, such as electric fans, table fans, and other comparable equipment, are numerous.

Although electric cooling pads can be used, they aren't adequate to keep your house chilly when the temperature rises above uncomfortable levels.

An AC unit can readily cool down inside temperatures without the need to open your house’s windows because aircon take hot air out of your living area, assisting in the creation of a safe environment for people to dwell in. Because you can have it running at all times while it is hot outdoors, you may save money on energy expenses.

The dehumidifier will remove the damp and musty air from your house and replace it with crisp, fresh air that is free of dust and other allergens.

Air Conditioning that Saves Money Tips

  1. If you have the option, choose inverter-equipped air conditioners. These kinds save the most energy because they only adjust or increase power consumption based on the temperature within, allowing you to save money or even make money by selling surplus electricity back to utility companies.
  2. Look for aircon with the Energy Label, which shows that they are more energy efficient than other versions on the market. Check to see whether Singapore air conditioner providers have agreements with firms that make Energy Label products so that they may offer competitive costs for these items.
  3. Hire experts, like Airmaxx Aircon, to install your new aircon unit so you can be confident that everything is up to standard and that there will be no disasters.
  4. When shopping for aircons, don’t forget to look at the Tick rating by NEA. The higher the rating, the bigger the output of your unit.
  5. Use weighted rods, additional security locks, and other methods to keep curtains from fluttering about since air conditioners without adequate insulation can cause these items to shift or even fly away, resulting in greater power use.
  6. If you don't clean your air filter on a regular basis, the dust and other pollutants in your home may build up over time, making your breathing unpleasant.
  7. Keep your air conditioner away from sources of water like showers, bathrooms, sinks, and basins since moisture may cause problems such as water leak.
  8. You may save both energy and money by using programmable thermostats in your house.

Why Regular Aircon Servicing Is Required

Dust obstructs the coils, decreasing airflow and making your air conditioner less efficient with each use. This will result in more electricity being used to cool down your region or area. If you do not clean and clear your air conditioner of mold, mildew, and germs on a regular basis, it will not last as long. All three are very harmful to one's health and can spread as a result of poor aircon maintenance.

It's important to keep your air conditioning unit clean so that people with sensitive skin do not become allergic. It is critical that you clean it on a regular basis to ensure that your family members are breathing fresh and clean air.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria can clog ventilation components if you allow them to accumulate over time, causing a substantial drop in airflow.

Bacteria is a serious concern, especially if you have pets or small children in your home. They are more susceptible to respiratory problems because of this.

Aircon Servicing Tips

#1: Don't forget to investigate whether there are any hidden costs associated with maintenance services or repairs; some suppliers include them in their packages, while others want you to pay them separately. Check if there's a charge for removing and replacing your old unit as well as shipping costs, as well as labor fees and other types of expenses that should be included in the. At Airmaxx Aircon, we ensure that our customers are aware of the cost of the services to be performed from the start, with no hidden fees.

#2: Do not forget to inquire about the company's technicians' qualifications and experience with your type of AC or brand so they can give you with effective answers. They should know about each sort of air conditioner, as well as the many different sorts of cable connections and voltage ratings, to ensure that they can execute the task correctly. Airmaxx technicians and staff are certified, skilled, and well-learned to ensure we can provide high quality services.

#3: Even if they aren't experts in this field of work, ask for suggestions from friends, family members, and coworkers. It will be simpler for you to verify all of these factors with them recommending you to the finest business.

Below are some Airmaxx Aircon reviews made by customers who are extremely satisfied with the company’s aircon services.

“Very good response (even on a weekend) from Airmaxx team. Efficient and very thorough in cleaning of my 4 air con units. I have engaged a few a/c companies already in the past and Airmaxx has exceeded my expectations. Kudos to a job well done!” – Connie Manuel.

“It was a pleasure having AirMaxx performed general servicing for my home's 4 unit a/cs. The guys were on time and polite. They've also informed me that my gas needed a top-up before going ahead to inform me of the additional charges. Everything was done within 30mins. Very well done. Highly recommended.” – Nurani Hussein.

"Justin and Ah Xiang were super efficient and dedicated in servicing my 3 aircon units. They were polite and focused on carrying out their tasks with exceptional professionalism. Justin in particular was very responsive to my queries. He even replies to my after service whatsapp queries. Airmaxx indeed provides a very reliable 24 hour aircon service at very reasonable prices. I have even decided to sign up with Airmaxx for future regular servicing based on the above experience." – Eleanor SooTho.

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