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Jan 10


When was it that your air ducts last got cleaned? It probably took longer than it should. HVAC systems can collect more dust and pollutants than you might imagine. While most health hazards aren't visible, they're often hidden. They are hiding in the duct system's invisible parts.

Air ducts offer a place for pollen, dust, and other contaminants to hide. The filters filter contaminants that are carried into the house through the air ducts. They have a tendency, however, to stick to and become trapped in the register grill or to find an area where there is no airflow.

What time should you clean your Air Ducts?

It's true. You should have them cleaned if the HVAC system isn’t working at the correct efficiency, there’s a smell, or you suspect a foreign item is obstructing your airflow. According to our experience, it takes approximately 2 years to clean your air ducts in an apartment/house. It is highly recommended that commercial properties inspect the HVAC system and ductwork at least once a year. In general, commercial properties, including office buildings, educational institutions, malls, and other commercial properties should clean the air-ducts every three or four years, just like residential housing.

NADCA suggests that there are a variety of reasons to clean your ducts.

The primary reason to clean your ducts before you move in is when you want to make a home. You may not know what is in your home's air ducts or how they were treated by the previous owners. The costs of buying the home and moving it, as well as the clean-up after the move, will all be included. But, air duct cleaning is the least expensive cost.

NADCA cites several other reasons.

  • Dandering pets and hairy pets. You should clean your air ducts if your beloved pet is constantly running around and shedding hair. Air ducts that have hair or dander buildup eventually cause them to work less efficiently.
  • Allergy and Asthmatic Residents in the House. If your child or family suffers from allergies or asthma, you should clean out the air filters and eliminate any risk factors that might increase their reactions.
  • Home damage due to fire, water, or other factors If there has been a disaster in your home that required remediation or restoration, it is important to clean the air conduits. Even if there was no damage to the air ducts from the disaster, any airborne particles that were created during the restoration process and in damaged areas are likely to be present.
  • Remodeling or renovation. If you have had your home rebuilt or renovated in any way, an air cleaning service is a smart idea to remove all the dust and dirt from your home.
  • Indoor tobacco smoking You should avoid smoking in enclosed spaces.

Learn about the best time for air duct cleaning.

Don't fall for scammers promising air duct cleaners

The $49 Air Duct Cleaning Offers are worth a look. Are they claiming that the air duct cleaners will help save you money on your electric bills? They promise a healthier you. They might not be telling all the truth.

An air duct cleaning cost can range from $200 for a simple condo cleaning to upwards of $1,000 for large homes with different levels and an HVAC system. Do not accept the $49 offer. If you do, you will probably have to pay an extra fee for the more routine parts.

You won't be happier if you pay more for air duct cleaners. NADCA suggests that HVAC system cleaning will not save you money on your bills. This is true only for certain HVAC systems. Do not expect to see a drop in your monthly expenses due to air-duct cleaning.

Choose Wisely, Benefit More

Choose the right company that cleans your air ducts to get the best results. Your air duct cleaning will be done with honesty, professionalism, and knowledge.


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