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Best Air Conditioner Repair Company In Brantford

May 9

Your Brantford Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialists.

Our Brantford HVAC technicians provide the highest level of care to make sure your home is comfortable. Offering a wide variety of different repair services to accommodate your needs. From installation, maintenance, and repair work to HVAC replacement, our experts will always be available to get the job done.

Have you been looking to hire an HVAC repair company in Brantford, ON to inspect your air conditioning unit? Bell City Mechanical and TRANE, one of our authorized resellers, provides any service or repair jobs for your unit needs. The quality of our services is second to none and that's why we're happy to recommend reliable systems suited to your needs. With the right equipment, you can count on our expert technicians to replace or repair your cooling system and provide all the necessary parts, warranties and maintenance packages.

Bell City Mechanical HVAC AND AC Repair Brantford

With hotter temperatures on the way, it's a good idea to check if your air conditioning system needs repairs. Don't get caught in a bad situation where your friends and family are sweating in your house and can't use your cooling system! Contact the technician team at Bell City today.

Why Do Clients Choose Bell City Mechanical for their AC Repair Service?

Here’s what we offer with our ac repair service:

  • Air Conditioner installation in newly constructed and existing buildings. Includes fitting an air conditioner into a new home, remodel project or garage.
  • Air conditioner replacement, specifically fitted to your home and energy needs.
  • Air conditioner repair. We repair any brand and model of a/c from normal wear and tear issues to complete system failure.
  • Air conditioner maintenance keeps air conditioners running as efficiently and as long as possible. Bell City Mechanical has an outstanding maintenance membership for ways to save money and extend the life of your air conditioner.

The following is our 20-point checklist for inspecting your air conditioning system.

Our goal at Bell City Mechanical is to help our customers avoid breakdown issues. Having periodic maintenance checks and tune-ups on your air conditioning systems can help you avoid costly repairs that are often left too long before inspection. We offer preventative maintenance for your air conditioner and it's a great way to save both time and money. You'll also have less to worry about with regards to your AC since you'll know it's in good working condition.

Air conditioners can have a lot of different parts and can be difficult to find the issue without specific training. Thankfully with our 20-point AC Repair Checklist our technicians make sure to follow when inspecting each unit:

  1. Liquid Pressure
  2. Liquid Temperature
  3. Compressor Temperature
  4. Suction Pressure
  5. Suction Temperature
  6. Evaporator Temperature
  7. Sub Cooling
  8. Super Heat
  9. Ambient Temperature
  10. Line Voltage
  11. Capacitor
  12. Fan
  13. Compressor
  14. Evaporator Temperature Differential
  15. Evaporator Static Pressure
  16. Evaporating Entering Temperature
  17. Evaporator Exiting Temperature
  18. Fillet and Size
  19. Evaporator Coil Inspection
  20. Compressor Coil Inspection

Give us a call today and schedule your 20 point air conditioner service inspection with one of our professional experts.

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