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Various Patterson Pump Types

Jun 30

Horizontal Split Case HVAC Pumps by EnviroFlo Patterson's HSC series of EnviroFloTM pumps include a high-efficiency design that lowers energy consumption for an HVAC system that is more durable and ecologically friendly. Choose a pump that can do the task at flows up to 6,000 gpm and heads up to 160 ft tdh. The EnviroFlo HSC pumps have a long lifespan. A flex coupling is used to absorb vibration. The dynamically balanced, precision-cast bronze impeller decreases vibration and increases bearing life. Bronze shaft sleeves and fittings with bronze construction are typical. If you want a shaft with more durability and less deflection than a standard carbon steel shaft can provide, you may select our stainless steel shaft option.

Although some variations may reach 250 psi, the usual design has a casing working pressure of 175 psi. Once installed, EnviroFlo HSC pumps are intended to be easy to maintain. The quickly removable coupler aids in the serviceability. Ball bearing sets with adjustable shafts are fitted in integrally cast bearing housings. Other features include a Class 30 cast iron body, gauge taps at the suction and discharge connections, and an OSHA coupling guard. Patterson pumps undergo hydrostatic pressure testing before being sent.


Rugged. Reliable. Environmental Protection & Effectiveness

In order to provide the long-lasting, dependable service and technical advancements you expect from Patterson, EnvirofloTM pumps incorporate more than a century's worth of hydronic pumping technology expertise into HVAC applications. This results in sustainable, energy-efficient performance that supports Green policies.


Vertical Split Case H2O Works' Clean Water Pumps

The HSC is the heavy lifter from H2O WorksTM. This Patterson pump is often used to transfer clear, low-viscosity industrial process liquids at low heads. It features an excellent balance of volume and head, a long service life, low maintenance expenses, and a minimal power consumption. Because of the split housing, all rotating components are readily accessible. This well-proven design concept satisfies Hydraulic Institute Standards in capacities ranging from 50 gpm to more than 100,000 gpm with single stage heads up to 550 feet and two-stage heads up to 1,150 feet. These H2O Works pumps, which have discharge outputs up to 48 inches, may be set up vertically, horizontally, or according to the customer's specifications to meet their needs, such as Zero Flush Technology. This sealing mechanism doesn't need water to function. Wear rings protect the casing from abrasion. On both sides of the rotor, ball or split sleeve bearings are enclosed in dust-proof cartridges. Two stuffing boxes and a double bearing construction are used to guarantee long packing life. Typically, packed pumps have split glands and a lantern ring. Packing box bushings that may be replaced guard the casing against packing wear. Optional mechanical seals are offered. Bearing supports are cast as a single unit.


Improve Your Behavior!

With more than a century of technological expertise, Patterson high-performance pumps and systems transport potable water from reservoirs, rivers, and wells to towns and homes. They are designed to meet the irrigation requirements of extensive agricultural enterprises. They assist industry by meeting daily processing needs.