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This is Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner Living In San Jose

Jul 28

All machinery needs regular maintenance and servicing. This is also true for your air cooling system. The poor unit runs for long periods of time in summer and is left to slumber all year. The system's efficiency is drastically affected if you do not take care of the AC unit for an extended time. By using the help of an ac repair in San Jose, ensure that your unit is operating to its fullest capacity.

What Happens When You Do Not Have a Maintenance Plan For Your AC?

Regular maintenance of your AC can provide many advantages from maximizing the performance of your AC to saving you money on energy. What happens if you cannot schedule regular maintenance on your AC? Find out more details about this.

1. Clogged Filters

Air filters play an essential function in the operation of air conditioning. They are responsible for filtering dust, pollen, and other contaminants from entering the home. By using clean air filters, you'll be able to rest assured of good air quality entering your home.

If an AC is not maintained for a prolonged period, dirt will likely get into the filters. This affects the unit's operation and creates the possibility of transmitting airborne illnesses due to the dirty air that blows out of the AC.

2. Unexpected Leaks and Repairs

Leaks are caused by there is a blockage inside the drain or hose are filled with debris and dirt. It may also be caused by a damaged condenser pump. If your air conditioning unit is left in a state of neglect for a long period of time often, leaks and repairs happen. The reason for this is the build-up of dust and other contaminants within the air conditioning.

Are you experiencing AC not working properly in a sudden manner? Call an air conditioner repair san jose, and get your system fixed.

3. Issues with Electronic Components

In many cases, the electronic parts of your AC such as sensors and their power unit, can fail due to poor maintenance. If you plan an annual tune-up through the air conditioner installation san jose to make sure they have all the correct parts. The electronic parts in your AC unit must be in good working order for the correct operation for the system.

4. Coils that are smoky CoilsBoth the evaporator and the condenser unit play a crucial role in maintaining the effectiveness in your AC. The evaporator coil helps in the cooling of the air that is that is blown into the unit while the condenser coil is responsible for the avoidance of warm air from entering through the AC unit. Both of these coils are likely to become clogged with dirt, and may even be occasionally contaminated by mildew and mold.

In any of these instances in these situations, your AC unit may struggle to keep the temperature determined in the thermostat thereby using up excessive energy. Get a repair by one of the top san jose air conditioning repair, and keep your energy costs from rising due to your inefficiency of your. We will provide you with the highest quality repair and service. Contact us now to find out more!