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HVAC Tacoma WA | Air Conditioning Tips in Tacoma WA

Oct 23
One of the first places to start when you are troubleshooting your air conditioner is the condenser nameplate. The nameplate will have important information that can help you determine the age of the unit and the model number. This information can be very helpful when you are trying to find replacement parts or troubleshoot problems.

What are Casement Window Air Conditioners?

A casement window air conditioner is a type of cooling system that is installed in a window. It consists of an inner and outer frame, with the inner frame being made of metal and the outer frame being made of wood or plastic. The unit has a fan which blows air over a cold coil, and this cooled air is then blown into the room.


Different Types of HVAC Filters and Which One Is the Best for You

One of the critical components of an HVAC system is the filter. A filter removes contaminants from the air, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. Depending on the client’s needs, professional installers will select different types of filters in HVAC systems.



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